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Salon and European Spa

Nail Care

Ambra Spa Manicures – includes exfoliating hand treatment, warm parafin and relaxing hand massage.
Non-Chip: $48
Non-Chip French Finish: $53
Ambra Manicure: $25
French Manicure: $30
Spa Manicure: $35
Brisa Gel – Set: $60
Luxe Gel – Set: $60

Ambra Pedicure-includes a deep cleanse and exfoliation follow by a warm soak in a blend of mineral salt. An application of Essential Moisturizing Balm and relaxing massage leaves skin smooth and nourished. Polish application optional.
Non-Chip: $75
Non-Chip French: $78
Ambra Pedicure: $53
Spa Pedicure: $75
Mini-Pedi: $38
Regular French Pedicure: $58

Other Nail Services
Paraffin: $15 & Up
Polish Change: $18 & Up

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