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Permanent Cosmetics

The Beauty of Permanent Cosmetics
The secret is out; Permanent makeup is here to stay! Permanent makeup or Micro pigmentation has been enhancing natural beauty for centuries.  Long used by Europeans Permanent makeup has attracted not only Hollywood Celebrities, but has filtered its way into the lives of women everywhere who are eager to have natural, fresh-looking makeup all day, with little or no fuss. Normally, permanent cosmetic procedures are done on eyebrows, eyes and lips.  Desired results can vary from natural to dramatic or basic corrective symmetry. Today more and more women are opting for the convenience of a ready to go look.

At a fraction of the cost of plastic surgery or expensive Department store cosmetics, Permanent Makeup can instantly take years off your appearance by enhancing your own natural beauty!

Ivana Cechmankova, is a highly skilled Permanent Makeup practitioner and Esthetician. She travels from Europe to Chicago twice yearly and works exclusively for Ambra Salon & European Spa. She uses only the latest in European technology.  Her calm demeanor combined with years of experience enables her to provide beautiful, virtually painless Micro pigmentation.

Eyebrows, Eyes or Lips: $500 (including a 20 minute consultation)

Technical information and FAQ’s
What is Permanent Cosmetics?
Answer: Cosmetic pigments or “micro-pigments” are made from a dry powdery substance that when suspended in liquid it creates ink. This pigment is available in a wide variety of colors specially formulated and safe for the skin.

How permanent is it?
Answer: The duration of permanent cosmetic varies by depth of needle penetration, skin type and personal after care. With proper instruction and care, makeup color can last for several years. Clients may need refreshers or “touch ups” every few years.

How safe is it?
Answer: Permanent makeup has been around for centuries. The Micro-pigments are derived from natural compounds present in the human body. Strict sterilization procedures are followed to reduce the possibility of contamination. However, the client has the shared responsibility of keeping the treated area clean while it’s healing. A doctor’s consult may be necessary if contemplating other medical cosmetic procedures.

Is the Permanent Makeup procedure painful?
Answer: Topical anesthetics are used to minimize any possible discomfort.

What is required for after care?
Answer: It is safe to expect some slight swelling and redness after procedure. This side affect will subside within days and clients need not worry about resuming normal everyday activities. Clients take home a topical cream used to promote healing. Note, complete healing may take up to five weeks with proper maintenance.

Who benefits from Permanent Makeup?
• Professional and domestic clients with busy lifestyles.
• Anyone seeking correction of asymmetrical facial features.
• People with allergies to standard makeup.
• Those who travel to or live in humid climates.
• People with vision impairment.
• Anyone with physical disabilities.
• Men and women in the entertainment industry.

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